About the Event

et_header“All who believe and think about what they believe are theologians.” – Jurgen Moltmann

ENFOLDING THEOLOGY is a one-of-a-kind interactive, constructive theology event featuring four schools of theology as each tackles a major challenge in developing a constructive doctrine of God – evil, science, religious pluralism, and revelation.

“God” is a word that provokes a response. For some it is an emotional response, one we run from or towards. For others the word “God” finds its meaning amidst a community of people we live life with or a text we interpret again and again. Perhaps God, the divine, Ultimate Reality or whatever other word you can muster before the depths of existence is a mystery we can never solve or perhaps a product of our social evolutionary history or perhaps God can be known and has been revealed in Jesus.

“God” is a contested word, a concept with more baggage and blessings attached to it than one person can unpack — yet, in a world with many reasons to drop God all together we continue to wrestle with the divine. We cannot let it go. Perhaps, God can’t let us go either.

What we hope to do at Theology After God is walk right into the tumult of theologizing after both the death of god(s) no longer viable in our postmodern world and after the one revealed in the homeless dead Jew from Nazareth. We want to take the challenges to theology seriously and include them in the constructive and imaginative process of theologizing. More than that we to include a diversity of voices, make the entire process fun and empower you to work things out for yourself in conversation, asking questions and drawing in the first “choose your own adventure” theological coloring book.

Over the course of the conference we will address five different and difficult God questions. Each time the question will be examined from multiple perspectives and then unpacked and put into real life situations in your theo-cohort. Our goal is to put together some amazing keynote presentations and provide and train some high quality cohort facilitators so each person has the chance to talk, question, doubt and construct their way through the topics.

We know there will be differences — in fact, we insist there will be! Luckily, we have received a divine permit allowing for a high concentration of heretical questions and imaginative proposals for the conference. Each and every participant will be empowered to be the theologian they already are. Plus, if you have a coloring book, an interactive chronology of church history, and go on an evening of theological speed dating, it’s hard to not have fun.

Session Formats

Each of the main sessions will center around a single question about the doctrine of God. It will be introduced and explored from multiple perspectives throughout the session. Instead of hearing each keynote thinker once for an hour-long presentation, Enfolding Theology will highlight a diversity of keynote voices throughout each session.

5 – Welcome
10 – Intro to the question of the session Tripp/Phil
30 – feature presenter on question
10 – talkback w/ Tripp\Phil
30 – additional perspectives from 2-3 other presenters
5 – Outro Tripp/Phil
10 – transition time to Theo-cohort
60-70 – Theo-cohort talk time

Throughout the event, each participant will be a part of a Theo-cohort (staying with your friends or fellow staff members if you like). The goal of the cohort is to give each attendee the space of a smaller conversation in order to unpack the centering question for each session, compare and contrast the different schools of thought represented, and see what the different perspectives look like in real world situations. Each session will be facilitated by a Hatchery innovator and a theology PhD student.

5 – Gather thoughts, jot notes, look through the Enfolding Theology coloring book.
10 – Collect the big ideas around the theme of the session.
30-40 – Look at the different prompts, and then discuss what is up for grabs theologically with the different answers. Prompts will include different real life situations/topics, global/ethical challenges, biblical passages, pastoral situations and more. The facilitators will have the freedom to select which ones to use.
10 – Collect lingering questions and any breakthrough ideas / connections

Presented by HATCHERY LA

Based in Redondo Beach, California, Hatchery LA is a church planting center that incubates innovative, sustainable models of church (Common Cause Communities) – with a goal of launching nine new churches each year and ultimately building the Silicon Valley of Church Innovation.

To do so, we offer a residential training program for Innovators who want to become social transformation entrepreneurs and invest in a local community for multiple years by launching an innovative, sustainable “Common Cause Community”…

A “Common” journey in the way of Jesus.
A “Cause” to rally around on a regular basis.
A “Community” of people where relationships are nurtured.

By housing our Innovators in a communal environment and training them in an artistic, entrepreneurial atmosphere, we prepare them to reach the…

New – never been to church before.
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The traditional church, as we’ve known it, is fading from the landscape of our culture, and we’re dedicated to raising up Innovators who are committed to living out the message of Jesus in a profound way. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about our common faith, motivated to tackle a cause, and dedicated to nurturing community.